3D Modeling for Vessels and for Boats

What we scan

We document, scan and create 3D models for any type of boat, including Inflatable, sail, and tug boats.

High resolution scanning and Modeling for every internal or external part of the boat: hull, deck, engine room, hi bridge.

What is Laser Scanning and how does it work?

Laser Scanning is the latest method for geometric documentation of ships and vessels and areas with complicated geometry.

As Built drawings for Non Rectangular Areas are extremely Complex.

Laser Scanners provide speed and simplicity for capturing spatial data. Scanners capture the surface shape of objects by measuring distance through a projected laser beam. The acquired data, or multitude of distance measurements, create a dense point cloud. Laser Scanning, or else Terrestrial LIDAR, has a range of 130m in the field. The method is based on the dense acquisition of millions of points, which together comprise a point cloud, consisting of unique points corresponding to XYZ coordinates in space. The high spatial density combined with real color make “virtual reality” a possibility.

3D Models can be used at the start of projects for:

  • Interior or Exterior Refurbishment
  • Installation of new systems or parts (such as wind screens on a flying bridge or swim stern platform)
  • Repairs
  • Production of missing Blueprints
  • Demonstration in 2D, 3D or VR

Benefits of 3D Laser Scanning

  • Reducing costs during installation so larger prefabricated entities can be installed faster
  • Accurate Cross Sections / Hull curves which prevent design errors and eliminate re-working on site
  • The method is quick and safe, and even the most complex areas can be scanned within a short period of time
  • This allows Maximizing Useful Ship Areas

XYZ uses 3D laser scanning in combination with the latest image capturing technologies to develop and offer award-winning* services for accurate, ‘as built’ measurements and 3D models in a Virtual Reality environment.

We continuously invest in innovation and new technologies, focusing on accurate measurements combined with 3D visualization.


The XYZ team delivers custom designed products for your project. The deliverables can attain the desired accuracy level for different types of products, starting from noise reduced point clouds, and reaching complex/“smart” 3D models.

Indicative deliverables include:

  • 3D Point clouds in Real Color
  • 2D CAD Drawings- Cross Sections- Horizontal/Vertical Sections
  • 3D Digital Models
  • Production of high quality 3D copies for twin constructions
  • Profiling
  • Trimble RealWorks Viewer: Free software to view measurable images together with an overlapping point cloud. High accuracy measurements from your office are now possible!
  • 3D Virtual Tours in your Model
  • As Built Documentation of existing conditions
  • Cloud Comparison, displacement monitoring
  • Video Tours
  • Geometric Documentation and correlation with a theoretic model

The possibilities are endless. Tell us what you need and we will provide you with custom services, such as:

  • Template Modeling
  • Model Installations in 3D Space
  • Tanks Volume calculations
  • Distortion Analysis
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