3D Laser Scanning for Ballast Water Treatment System Installation

What we do:

XYZ scans and captures quality accurate measurements on board. After one day of scanning in the Engine Room of a vessel we deliver a pointcloud with millimeter accuracy.

Without disrupting the normal operations of the vessel, we scan the selected piping network, as well as all accessible areas, so that the Water Ballast Treatment System can be installed.

The data from the field measurements combined with thousands of high resolution photographs is then processed by our experts.

We then create and deliver the accurate as built 3D models. Naval companies can as a result conduct feasibility studies of the BWTS with an extremely detailed model at their disposal, and can therefore avoid clashes or conflicts with existing piping and other equipment.

XYZ delivers point clouds with 0.5 mm spatial density with an excellent scanning speed of up to 1 million points/sec and absolute accuracy approaching 2mm with a completely automated method.

WBTS is mandatory

Currently, Ballast Water Discharge is probably the number one  Environmental Issue within the shipping industry. A huge amount of fresh  sea water is being transported all over the world systematically. The discharge of  ballast water at a distant next port of call can have a negative impact on the  marine environment. It is obligatory to conduct Ballast Water Treatment on  board. The IMO Ballast Water Management BWM Convention was enforced  on 8 September 2017. The treatment secures that the Ballast Water is free of  any biological materials such as animals, viruses, bacteria or plants. A variety  of different Ballast Water Treatment Systems are available to be installed in  the Engine Room of every vessel: Tankers, Bulk Carriers, Container Carriers,  LPG Carriers, LNG Carriers, Ro-Ro Vessels. XYZ helps you install Water  Ballast Treatment Systems (WBTS) efficiently and effectively.

Why is Laser Scanning so valuable?

Laser scanning provides:

  • As Built State on a 1:1 Scale without assumptions or generalizations. This way there is no room for clashes and time consuming inefficiencies during the installation.
  • Every detail in 3D! This way Naval Labs can securely document their available space and implement Water Ballast Treatment Systems (WBTS) optimally.
  • High Accuracy that secures minimal time in the shipyard.
  • As built models are delivered no matter the complexities of the installation. We use advanced software and we Virtually Install pre-selected systems in Scanned 3DSpaces.
  • High resolution 3D photography: Users can walk in the Engine Room and check the As Built state combined with their virtually installed pre-selected WBTS, while located on deck!
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