Hull Scanning – Geometry Inspection

Laser Scanning of the Hull and Keel

Ship surfaces with complex geometry such as the Hull, Tanks, and the Engine Room are often measured using outdated methods. These methods provide only 2 dimensional drawings which cannot show the complexities of the structures. Consequently, they lead to inaccuracies and insufficient designs, making construction, maintenance, security and other projects not only difficult but also time-consuming and expensive to implement.

XYZ combines its expertise and long experience in surveying engineering with the latest generation of 3D laser scanners (3D Imaging Technology) and advanced software to deliver very accurate and high quality visualizations. 3D models with photographic texture of the area are available.

3D Laser Scanning can save you much effort, time and expenses, since

  • it offers very accurate data which prevents design errors and eliminates re-working on site
  • is quick and safe to handle while even the most complex areas can be scanned within a short period of time
  • needs less manpower than conventional methods of measurement
  • minimises or eliminates operational shutdown periods
  • can be implemented on sites anywhere in the world

3D Laser Scanning on site

  • During Maintenance Dock
  • Floating or Graving Dock
  • Full scan of the Ship Body in 6-12 hrs.
  • During Scanning no Painting or Sand Blasting

Laser Scanning can be performed during Dry Docking of the Vessel and after the cleaning of the hull.

XYZ scans and captures quality accurate measurements, under shipyard circumstances, by using 3D laser scanning techniques combined with the latest image capturing technologies.

The data from the field measurements is then processed by our experts together with thousands of high resolution photographs. Afterwards, 3D tours or “as built” models are delivered no matter the complexities of the geometry. We use advanced software, specialised for surveying projects which enable us to deliver detailed images with measurements of up to 1mm accuracy. These deliverables make it easy to compare “as built” with design models, plan new extensions and fit them accurately in the current state of the installation.

All this data is then stored online or offline depending on each customer’s needs and can be used quickly and easily from any location.


  • Stability analysis
  • Checking for deflections or deformations
  • Investigating for Damages
  • Ship Hull AS-BUILT for Major Modifications, such as
    • Extensions
    • Repairs
  • Ship Hull Scanning for Accurate & Fast INSTALLATION OF DUCTS
  • Scanning Ship PROPELLERS for INSPECTION Purposes
  • 3D Laser Scanning of boats for the purpose of Interior or Exterior REFURBISHMENT
  • Ship TANK Scanning
  • Ship PUMP ROOMS Scanning for Ballast Water Treatment System (BWTS) Installation
  • Ship DECK Geometry Inspection in Afloat Condition (HOGGING-SAGGING, STRAIGHTNESS, TWIST)
  • Ship BODY & HULL Marking the Draft Marks On Ship at ANY condition
  • Ship BODY & HULL Marking of Waterline in SPECIFIC Height from Keel
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