Model Installations in Scanned 3D Spaces

Have you ever visited an engine room?

It consists of a group of large engines, complex piping and security systems. There is a deafening noise and unbearable heat. You can measure, study and install a new system with connectors in the existing piping system.

After scanning for a few hours (without interrupting the engine room activity) we deliver the space to you virtually. Now you can navigate yourselves inside the engine room and measure every millimeter of it. Everything is in 3D and completely documented by photographic imagery. Every pixel is 3D with millimeter accuracy.

However, it doesn’t stop there:

  • Provide us with the system you would like to install in a CAD file. We will model it and deliver it you installed in the as built engine room space. Your new virtual journey will include your new system as well.
  • Want to see the space stereoscopically? View it through VR Glasses.
  • Want to change the position of your installation? We can move forward with the alternatives you would like to examine.
  • Once you determine the final position of your installation, you can order it directly with connectors for it to be installed by technicians in the engine room.
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